Virtual Space

Every space like interior/exterior of buildings, apartments, houses, etc including landscaping


Dashboard for monitoring of control/operation management, Dashboard shows cloud resources, Charts/Graphs integrated with big data

Virtual Experience

E motor show for new car, Factory manufacturing, Machine/Parts in operation, Shopping mall products, Local/Space introduction, Furniture layout.

Present brilliantly

Promotions, Presentations, Manuals/Broshers, Training materials, etc

LabGL is a digital studio

Using WebGL technology enables 3D contents and services running on the web.


WebGL is a standard 3D technology supported by most web browsers and runs on PC/Tablet/Smartphone/VR devices without installation.
It's easy to deploy and conspicuous and users control it directly.
So you can effectively communicate various information and features on a single screen.


We're using our technologies to create creative and convenient 3D contents and services.
We've gained a lot of know-how in WebGL technology over the years working with domestic and foreign companies.
We're always experimenting with this technology and enjoying these experiences.


3D Animation

Various animations such as Object operate/move/drive/assemble/disassemble, Camera moving, more technically Keyframe, Skinning, etc


Dynamic 3D view of rotation/zoom/panning, etc using Finger touch in mobile, mouse control in PC, WebVR control, First/Third person control at camera point of view

Dynamic Change

Change and store shape, color, material, etc of an object in real time.

Beautiful UI

Windy cloth, Rolling wheels, Flowing water, Moving clouds, Curtain-wall glass, Stained brick, Twinkling light, Burning flame, Bouncing ball, ...

3D Annotation

3D labels that rotate together, not just 2D menus, Moving guide line

Editing and Customizing

Information on the 3D view will be reflected as soon as the user modifies it and saved in the customer's DB

Customer's data-binding

You can show your data as 3D of database, data-store dynamically.

Frequently Asked Questions
All you need is just web-browser on PC, laptop, tablet, phone and so on without any plugin or installation.
For WebVR, you can check out supported devices at
Works with most recent web browsers well. But, Our engine's performance is vary according to specifications of device such as graphic card or memory. For better performance, you could change web browser except IE or upgrade graphic card or memory.
Photos of buildings, design drawings, 3D model files and the object itself anything.
From "Contact form" below or email -, let us know the building information you want to implement and the necessary functions.
Contact us from below Form or Email