- Edit Text - Change Shape - View Internal Parts - Animation - Play YouTube Video - Play 3D Video - Save as Image - Print
- Gather Feedback - Send to Smartphone - Analytics
- User DB Binding - Graph Visualization
Rotation : Hold down the left click and move mouse.
Panning : Hold down the right click and move mouse.
Zoom : Mouse scroll up-down
Edit Text & Save
Enter the text and click on the Apply button.

Save Apply
Change shape/color
Select the item to change
Change color Black Yellow Green White
Change shape Sample1 Sample2 Sample3
Play a YouTube video or external web video
Save as Image
Set the desired size and angle and click on
the Save button.
Save as PNG Save as JPEG
Set the desired size and angle and click on the
Print button.
User Analytics
Comprehensive user analytics data on the 3D pages are gathered, allowing you to zero in on what visitors are interested in for your marketing strategies.
Gather User Feedback
Enter the comments and click on the Send Button.
Send URL to mobile
Enter the number of the destination mobile phone and click on the Send button.
Mobile phone number
Data Binding
You can bind with a user database and show real-time information right on the 3D page.
Also, to have a 3D dashboard, you can link with ERP and CRM systems, or with various types of web programs.
Take your 3D screen to the next level with database binding.